Go Gardening magazine competition winners

Autumn edition - drawn 16 April 2024

Picture book 'Tree'
J Darling - Bulls
Y Morgan - Lincoln
J Knight - Auckland
Gardena Harvesting Bundle
A Sutcliffe - Martinborough
Yates vege seeds
G Inwood - Auckland
L Drummond - Te Anau
R Sibley - Stoke
J Fitzgerald - Temuka
K Rooney - Rotorua
M Dark - Invercargill
J Wallbank - Upper Hutt
E Harris - New Plymouth
A Cassidy - Nelson
Emerge fertiliser
J Waghorn - Fortrose
A St Clair - Nelson
A Morris - Blenheim
Yates Seed n Feed
S Whatford - Morrinsville
J Weeks - Waitara
E Win - Hamilton
V Paulsen-field - Porirua
ican vege seeds
L Marshall - Ashburton
J Darling - Halcombe
M Quirk - Wellington
ican Fruit Food for Pots & Planters
G Gibson - Hastings
R Davies - Lower Hutt
C Watson - Whanganui
Give a Garden gift cards $100
G Irving - Christchurch
M Thame - Morrinsville
N Walmsley - Outram
C Scott - Waipu
B Westerbaan - Kihikhi




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