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Go Gardening this July
It may be cold outside, but the days are getting longer, and spring will soon be here. It’s an excellent time to be planting trees, roses and pots of colour.

  July 2018

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Bare beauty
When choosing trees to plant, consider those with beautiful bark. They add an extra layer of interest to the garden, especially in winter.

Stunning Hellebores
Click here to view gorgeous new hellebores. You can click on the pictures you like to go to more information and where to buy!

Delight the senses
Every garden needs a Daphne bush. Just one sprig picked for a vase will fill a room with perfume. Plant in part shade with well-drained soil.


Poppies are cool weather annuals, lovely for picking. Plant or sow Iceland poppies (orange tones) or Shirley poppies (pinks and reds) for spring colour.

Plant a summer treat
Strawberries are ready for planting now. Your local garden centre will have a range of varieties in stock. Plant them in well drained garden beds or containers.

Prized Paeonies
Paeony crowns are available from garden centres during July and August. You need a cold winter climate to grow these much-coveted flowers.

Wall of flowers
There is a camellia to suit almost any landscaping need. Create a wall of winter flowers with a hedge, or espalier camellias against a fence.

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Rhodos in pots
Spectacular spring flowering rhododendrons are not exclusive to large country gardens. With a little extra care they can also be grown in containers.

Spring onions
Bunching onions are easy to grow and useful in a wide range of recipes. Plant them in free draining garden soil or containers.

A place for peas
Peas need rich fertile soil and something to climb on. They like cool soil for germination but time seed sowing to avoid frost on young seedlings.

Spuds in a tub
Warm climate gardeners can start planting early potatoes in the garden now. Or get the kids involved and grow some in a barrel or a bucket protected from frost.

Cold hardy succulents
Colourful sempervivums (aka house leeks) love winter. Follow this simple step by step method to create a classic ‘dish garden’ in a shallow pot.

Pollinating pests?
While most people reach for the Raid at the first hum of a fly, Kiwi scientists hoping to deliberately increase the insect's numbers have received Government funding.

Winter beauties
A winter frost (or snow) can add dramatic effect to a garden of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs. Don’t discount the use of conifers for winter appeal.

Rose of the month
The New Zealand Rose Society’s Rose of the Month is ‘Eye in the Sky’, a well-behaved climber with eye catching single blooms and glossy foliage.

Rose pruning demos
If you're not sure how to tackle the rose pruning, learn from the experts this winter. Find a free rose pruning demonstration near you.

National Camellia Show
Plan a trip to New Plymouth for the 2018 Show on Saturday 18 August. Enter your own prize bloom or simply enjoy the spectacle of up to 1000 premium blooms.

Escape to the tropics
To escape the winter cold and hear stories about tropical and temperate plants, join a special walk and talk at Wellington Botanic Garden on July 23.

Aroha Kauri Day July 21
Visit Auckland Botanic Gardens to learn about the ecology of the Kauri tree and how we can help preserve them in the face of Kauri dieback disease.

NZ Bird Survey
Bird counts gathered by New Zealanders from over 31,000 garden surveys since 2007 are finding some interesting results.


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