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Go Gardening this August

There is a hint of spring in the garden with daffodils and blossoms making an early appearance. Prepare for the hectic spring months ahead with some easy late winter tasks and planting.

  August 2018

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Summer favourites
It’s planting time for dahlias, gladioli, lilies and peonies. Look for their colourfully illustrated packs in garden centres.

Pretty polys
Potted polyanthus provide cheap and cheerful instant colour this end of winter. Place them on an outdoor table or on the steps for a welcoming entrance.

Dependable pansies
A pot of pansies gives instant winter cheer and keeps on giving right though till summer. Keep them well fed for peak performance.


Jump start spring
A greenhouse or simple cloche will warm the soil and give you a head start on spring. You can make your own using clear plastic over wire hoops.


Beware of frost
A mild July means plum trees are blossoming early in some areas. Be ready with frost cloth to protect plums and other vulnerable crops, such as citrus.

NZ made shade houses
Protect your precious plants in a New Zealand made Shade House. Strong, durable and built to last. So popular and effective. Visit Winter Gardenz.

Flavour on your doorstep
Plant culinary herbs in containers and garden beds. Basil needs protection from frosts but can be started now indoors.

Companion planting with flowers like calendula adds colour and charm to the vegetable garden, while helping to deter insect pests.

Be vigilant
Slugs and snails thrive in the wet. They target succulent new hosta leaves and will demolish seedlings overnight.

Berries for summer
Plant strawberries, blueberries and raspberries in a sunny spot, in well drained garden soil. They also grow well in containers.

Nectar flowers
Kakabeak and Kowhai flowers are a happy sight in late winter - and a treat for nectar seeking birds.

Food forest
Plant deciduous fruit trees in the ground or in containers. Dwarf varieties are perfect for small gardens.

Young Achiever 2018
Congratulations to 25 year old horticulturist, Devin Westley, from Southern Woods Nursery in Christchurch who won the NZPPI Young Achiever title for 2018.

NZFGS Early Bird offer
Green-thumbs, flower enthusiasts, art lovers and home & garden renovators – the New Zealand Flower and Garden Show is back for 2018!  

UK rose trends
Its rose planting time down under while the roses are blooming in Britain. The UK’s Rose of the Year was part of the fun at this year’s Hampton Court Flower Show.

The future of lettuce
Could most of the world’s salad greens soon be grown in sunless, soil-less environments, like this vertical farm in Dubai?

Replanting the Port Hills
An ambitious plan to replant millions of trees on the fire-ravaged Port Hills kicked off last month with the planting of 40 cabbage trees.

Greenlife Matters
Some plants, once treasured in the garden, have escaped their boundary and now threaten native plants in reserves and parks.


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