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Go Gardening this October
October is one of the busiest months for gardeners. The garden is bursting into life and regardless of the weather, with Labour Weekend coming up there’s every reason to get outdoors and enjoy the longer days!

  October 2018

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Flower power
A colourful Summer border is easy to achieve by mixing flowers grown from seed like cosmos, Californian poppies or sunflowers with summer perennials.

Help Monarch's thrive
Be part of the drive to avoid a shortage of swan plants and help feed those super hungry Monarch caterpillars with FREE butterfly friendly seeds from Yates.

Summer staple
Long flowering petunias are fantastic for pots and hanging baskets. Pick your favourites from this season's petunias and calibrachoas (mini petunias).



Plant rhubarb
One of the most decorative and easy plants in the vege patch, rhubarb grows in sun or part shade, producing delicious red stalks year after year.

Enhance your garden
An all-in-one garden mix that replaces mulch, manure, compost & fertiliser! Click here to find out more

Summer veges
Sow seeds of tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, pumpkins, beans and sweet corn. Seedlings can be planted when the risk of frost has passed and the soil has warmed.

Green your lawn
Lawns need feeding to support the flush of spring growth. A well-fed lawn looks lush and green and is far less likely to be invaded by weeds.

Dazzling displays
‘Tis the season for azaleas and rhododendrons. With vivid displays of flowers and a variety of foliage and growth forms they make valuable landscaping plants.

Design with natives
Native plants are highly rated among garden designers as they are both practical and pretty, making them perfect for an outdoor space that is easy to live in.

20 tips to fresh salad greens
It’s easy to grow a fresh summer salad. Start with a warm sunny spot in the garden, and soak seedlings in seaweed solution to promote strong root growth.

Spring boost for citrus trees
Feed citrus trees to support fresh green growth. Apply slow release fertiliser and protect young trees from late frost with frost cloth.

Timely trim
Keep spring flowering shrubs bushy and compact by trimming after they finish flowering. Pruning later in summer will sacrifice next season’s flowers.

Black for extra warmth
Planting in black pots raises the soil temperature by a few degrees, a good way to get tomatoes and salad greens off to an early start.

Ban pests
For a spray free solution to pests, install insect mesh over your crops to prevent tomato-potato psyllids and cabbage butterflies laying eggs on maturing plants..

Hang a trap
It’s time to hang sticky pheromone traps to help control and monitor codling moths on apple and pear trees.

Take care in the garden
Gardening is a safe and healthy pastime. Here are some simple steps you can take to reduce the chance of catching Legionnaire’s Disease when gardening.

National Gardening Week
Celebrate our national love of gardening and get involved in National Gardening Week - 15th to 22nd October.

Indoor plant trends
Complete with macrame hangers, the foliage houseplants we cherished in the eighties are back with a vengeance.

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