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Go Gardening this December - poinsettias

The festive season arrives with all the chaos that brings. Gift giving can be hassle free with Gardening NZ Gift Boxes and Gift Cards and leaves you time to galvanize the garden, and yourself, for visitors and the summer months ahead.

  December 2019

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Heat hardy
All plants are not equal when it comes to enduring hot and sometimes dry summer conditions. These hardy survivors manage summer’s heat better than most.

Greener giving
This Christmas concern for the environment is front of mind, and even last-minute gift giving need not be bad for the planet.

Pohutukawa season
The Pohutukawa family includes many garden cultivars so, even if your garden is tiny, you can enjoy a splash of that crimson glory in your own backyard.




Guaranteed a lifetime
Finish a busy day in the garden with a nice cool drink. No need to go and get the bottle opener as it is already in your trowel!

Gift a native tree this Christmas
Give a native tree that’s planted on behalf of your friend or rellie - the perfect way to grow our land (not our landfill) this Christmas!

Push, feed & forget
Often neglect your indoor plants?  Try Yates Thrive Indoor Plant Food drippers – 4 weeks of feeding, and no measuring or mixing!


Vertical veges
Grow more in less space by growing cucumbers on a trellis. The plants have tendrils to help them climb so only need tying as they get started.

Gift bees this Christmas
Gift gentle-natured, super-pollinating leafcutter bees this Xmas. It's unique, exciting and educational. Visit BeeGAP to find out more.

Heat lovers
It’s planting time for chillies and sweet peppers. These heat-loving plants grow well in containers or rich, well-drained garden soil.


Global trends
Combating climate change and living in harmony with nature will be the big themes at the Chelsea Flower Show next May.

The rose hunters
In Hawkes Bay a group of heritage rose enthusiasts are on the lookout for very old rose bushes in an effort to preserve some of the regions rich gardening history. 

Inner city composting
Auckland’s Viaduct has its own living compost hub with innovative designers finding ways to convert restaurant waste into fertile growing media.


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