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After a long hot summer, lawns can need attention. A complete re-sow may be required or simply a repair job on existing lawns. Autumn is the perfect time with the promise of milder temperatures and rainfall... but which seed to choose for the job?

As with all plants, the art to a successful lawn comes down to choosing what’s right for your soil, climate, and the purpose you want it to serve. A good lawn is never just one grass species, but a carefully considered blend designed for a specific end use.

A shady lawn needs a balance of shade tolerant grasses, such as fine fescue and tall fescue.

Drought tolerance is best in lawns that contain deep rooted grasses like tall fescue. It’s important not to ‘scalp’ any lawn in hot dry weather, as this leads to dry, thin turf - an invitation for weeds to take hold.

Rapid results are achieved in mixes with perennial rye grass, which grows fast to out-compete weeds. Rye mixed with clover gives a fast result.

Hardwearing lawn blends for sports grounds and play areas feature turf type rye grasses and fine fescues. Wearwell is ideal for kids and dogs to run about on, and quick to establish. However, if you’re looking for a finer textured family lawn which is hardwearing but also has a lush deep green colour, Boston Green is your seed.

A show lawn sown with a high quality blend of fine fescues may take a little longer to establish but once it gets going can be surprisingly easy care.

Luckily, all we gardeners have to do is decide what we want from our lawn, grab the right bag, and sow.

Healthy Lawn Tips

1.Prepare new lawns with a lawn starter like EzyStart with starter nutrients and wetting agents for quick establishment.

2. Feed with EzyFert slow release. Professional green keepers use this product.

3. Protect lawns from birds, grass grub and fungal disease. The EzyStrike range has built in pest control in its seed coatings.

4. Be selective! Get rid of the hangers on like moss and broadleaf weeds with EzyGreen Extra, applied at least six months after sowing a new lawn.

5. Maintain optimum soil structure and root health with Burnet’s EzySpread Granular Gypsum.

6. Don’t scalp your lawn. Tall fescue lawns especially need at least 40mm of leaf left in order to to keep growing strongly



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