Tuff as they come

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Lomandra ‘Lime Tuff’ is the latest in a new generation of easy care landscape plants bred in Australia. This is one import from our cousins across the ditch we should be happy to keep!

During the last decade or so, lomandras have become very popular among kiwi landscape professionals and gardeners.  They’re a top choice among grasses and groundcovers, renowned for their ability to retain their good looks in situations where other grasses fail to impress.

‘Lime Tuff’ (aka Lomandra longifolia x confertifolia spp.pallida) is proving to be one of the best Lomandra selections yet, bred for its compact growth habit and fine lime green foliage that stays lush all year round. Small yellow spikes add colour and fragrance in summer.

Suited to cool temperatures, tropical and semi-arid climates this little beauty is extremely hardy as it tolerates both frost and dry conditions. ‘Lime Tuff’ thrives in full sun or part shade, such as under trees, and remains within a tidy 50cm tall and wide.

Outstanding as a low maintenance container plant, it also excels when mass planted for bold effect. ‘Lime Tuff’ looks fabulous with rocks, beside water features or planted along pathways. One amazing little Aussie critter!


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Lomandra Lime Tuff