Plants for . . . - Small narrow gardens

25 fabulous shrubs for small gardens
Planting evergreen shrubs is one of the easiest ways to achieve a low maintenance garden that looks great all year round.
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7 ways to grow apples in a small garden
The fresher the fruit, the crunchier, sweeter and more nutritious it is. The best way to eat an apple is straight from the tree. Autumn is harvest time and it's also the very best time to plant a new apple tree.
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Super slim apples
Being able to pick fresh fruit from the garden is one of the greatest joys a gardener can have. But for many of us, it's not so easy to grow the fruit trees we grew up with - not for lack of experience or knowhow, but for sheer lack of space - Not any more!
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Whether home is an apartment, retirement unit or town house, Heuchera 'Cuties' fit perfectly into a smaller garden.
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Living the dream
Introducing Dreamerias, ultra easy blooms bred for modern lifestyles, but with the look and feel of yesteryear.
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Plants for paving
Whether it's the track to the front door, a meander through trees and shrubs, a pathway through the vege beds, or the way to the clothes line, any path and the plants to accompany it can be one of the most enticing features in a garden.
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