Plants for . . . - Spring colour

Informally yours
Who says hedges need to be formal? Try a fragrant and informal flowering hedge and do away with the need for constant clipping. These beauties are easy on the eye and easy on the gardener!
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Stars of Spring
Every garden deserves at least one showy flowering tree or shrub to welcome the new season. If the flowering of some seems all too brief, generally the shorter the season, the more spectacular the display.
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Fast fabulous colour
Whether you like the eclectic look with a mix of vibrant hues, or a simple colour coordinated approach, there are dozens of fast and easy ways to make your garden say 'spring'.
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Easy spring colour
Autumn brings with it the delight of planning a colourful display of spring flowering bulbs. Some of the earliest bulbs to arrive on the shelves are the two treasures Anemones and Ranunculus.
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Living the dream
Introducing Dreamerias, ultra easy blooms bred for modern lifestyles, but with the look and feel of yesteryear.
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The first scent of spring
Venturing outdoors for some fresh air, the heady fragrance of daphne heralds a welcome change in seasons.
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