Plants for . . . - Fragrant flowers or foliage

Informally yours
Who says hedges need to be formal? Try a fragrant and informal flowering hedge and do away with the need for constant clipping. These beauties are easy on the eye and easy on the gardener!
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Plants for perfume
Nothing lifts the spirits like a waft of garden fragrance. Spring produces some of the most bewitching perfumes of all, as if to lure us back outdoors and celebrate the change of seasons.
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Invisible, yet alluring and evocative of days gone by, fragrance is a must-have in any garden.
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Summer fragrance
Summer is a time to enjoy some of our most beautiful fragrant plants. Here's a selection of summer scented favourites.
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The first scent of spring
Venturing outdoors for some fresh air, the heady fragrance of daphne heralds a welcome change in seasons.
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