Plants for . . . - Birds

Backyard buffet
Planting a garden to provide food and safe nesting places for wild birds will enhance the garden for all who live there.
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Plant for birds
Next time you're choosing plants for your garden, spare a thought for our feathered friends. The rewards are numerous
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Jewels of the garden
There are not many more forgiving or versatile plants than Grevilleas. With bold, colourful and somewhat bizarre flowers, they stand out in the garden.
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Banksia's for birdlife
The sight and sound of birds in the garden lifts the spirits and soothes the soul. Studies show that birdsong can even increase your property value.
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Welcome to the Wild Bird Café
When the early settlers arrived in NZ, the dawn chorus was deafening. The loss of much of our native forest means the birdsong is less these days. But there are some helpful things we can do
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