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Structure, movement, excitement, and colour; ‘Electric’ Cordylines have all the hallmarks of a first class landscaping plant. And they’re fantastic in pots.
Cordyline hybrids, ‘Electric Pink’, ‘Electric Star’ and ‘Electric Flash’ are descendents of the New Zealand native Cordyline banksii. The breeding origins of this dynamic trio date back to Taranaki, at the esteemed Duncan and Davies nursery. They were further developed overseas and have now come full circle to their country of origin.

Unlike the common cabbage tree, these Banksii hybrids are not trunk-forming, instead remaining as graceful arching clumps of multi- coloured foliage. Cordyline ‘Electric Star’ is striped green and chocolate with a touch of cream. It is compact at just 1.2m, as is Cordyline ‘Electric Flash’ with its stunning combination of chocolate, olive and cream. Slightly taller at 1.8m, finely variegated Cordyline ‘Electric Pink’ shimmers with intense shades of maroon and hot pink.

All three are heat and dry tolerant once established. They are exceptionally good choices for large containers. Because they look great all year round, they’re fantastic for mass planting, whether that’s in the garden or repeated as feature plants in pots.

Provided they have well-drained soil and sun, ‘Electric’ Cordylines retain their good looks indefinitely and with minimal upkeep. They’re a perfect fit with a busy lifestyle or if you’re the ‘sit back and enjoy the view’ kind of gardener.

Achieving a simple sophisticated look is easy when you have great plants!


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electric cordyline
Electric Cordyline 'Flash'

Electric cordyline
Electric Cordyline 'Pink'

electric cordyline
Electric Cordyline 'Star'