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With dire drought predictions, those looking for a hard wearing hedge may want to consider a colourful alternative to the traditional box hedge.

The Coprosma Pacific ™ series make superb medium-height hedges that are easily trimmed to give a formal box effect. Not only are they exceptionally drought and disease resistant, they are very quick to establish too. And they have no problem with salt spray and other coastal conditions.

European bred Pacific™ Coprosmas have dense bushy growth, which is an important prerequisite for a successful hedge that clips well to the desired height and shape. Add to that the glossy burnished foliage that looks great all year round, and you have the ultimate ‘red box hedge’.

Choose either Coprosma Pacific™ Sunrise in chocolate brown with hot pink highlights or Coprosma Pacific™ Sunset with a vivid red centre set against a burgundy to chocolate brown margin.

Hedge basics:

1 Mark out your desired shape. There is no need to stick to straight lines; hedges that follow strong curves (or a perfect circle) can look fantastic.  
2 Mark even spacing. Pacific™ Coprosmas grow naturally to about 1m tall and wide. Plant them closer (40-60cm apart) to quickly achieve a solid hedge with no gaps.

Autumn through to spring is an excellent time to establish a new hedge, but water well after planting to settle the soil snuggly around the roots.

4 To encourage side branching, trim to half height in spring or early summer once the plants are actively growing.

To maintain a smart long-lasting look, trim your Pacific™ Coprosma hedge at least twice each year, after the spring flush and again in autumn (or late summer for cooler climates).

Tip: To help achieve a perfectly straight line when trimming, run a string line between stakes at a height just above where you need to cut (so you don’t cut the string!)

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coprosma hedge
Coprosma Pacific Sunrise

coprosma hedge
Coprosma Pacific Sunset