Green gift giving

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“Gift a gift that keeps growing and benefits the environment.”

How many times have you agonised over what to give friends, family and loved ones at Christmas? What’s the bet that ornament, book or platter you gave is politely stored away in a safe place? More to the point do you even remember who you gave what and why?

Plants are a perfect gift for anyone and with a little tender loving care they’ll still be around, probably bigger and better, next Christmas. To make it that bit more special choose a pot and or even better buy one and decorate it. Children love decorating pots and it makes the gift all the more personal.

Herbs and vegetables eaten at the tiny seedling stage are known by chefs as microgreens.  At this immature stage of growth they contain higher concentrations of nutrients and flavour. The leaves of almost any vege plant can be eaten as a microgreen, including fennel, spinach, celery, carrot, peas, beetroot, nasturtium, carrots and radishes.

So for the foodie who has minimal garden, or lives in an apartment with no garden, make them a microgreen garden. Choose a suitable container, decorate it if you want, and fill with good quality seed raising mix. Sprinkle seeds over the surface and two to four weeks later you’ll have a microgreen garden.

Hanging baskets full of flowers are always a welcome addition to any house. Whether you're a traditionalist or enjoy something new, there is a wealth of choice for summer pots and baskets. Green fingers are not required for an impressive display that continues right through summer till the first frost.

Then of course there’s always indoor plants to brighten any living area, not to mention filter the air. Choose from the classy classics like Begonia, Gerbera and Anthuriums or the more elegant orchids and even indoor roses. Just choose a plant and a pot and ‘hey presto’ Christmas gift sorted.

A gardener will tell you they can never have enough plants and trees, Before you buy a lovely plant for a Christmas gift check its ideal growing conditions and suitability with existing plants in the garden. If you’re unsure what to get give them a Go Gardening gift card.

Finally, if money is a bit tight, why not give a ‘voucher’ offering to help the lucky recipient with their gardening. Helping others with their gardens is incredibly satisfying and rewarding. It provides a great chance to catch-up and you get all the benefits of gardening – enjoyment, exercise, socialisation and satisfaction.


First published in Weekend Gardener issue 403. Written by NGINZ. Reproduced with permission of Weekend Gardener.