In the Garden - Bulbs

Bold and beautiful
Spring is planting time for two classic summer flowers. Both are excellent for picking. Dahlia tubers and gladioli corms arrive in garden centres in August
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Spring bulbs A to Z
Get busy planting bulbs in autumn, so come spring, you'll have beautiful flowers to enjoy outdoors, and some more to pick.
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Spring in a pot
There is nothing like a flourish of flowering bulbs to celebrate the arrival of spring. Such beauty is easy to create, especially when you plant your bulbs in pots.
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Top tasks for Autumn
Autumn is planting time for almost everything you could want to plant, but it is the very best time to sow new lawns and to plant trees, and the only time to plant spring flowering bulbs.
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The Bold and the Beautiful
Successfully combining flowers and foliage is an art form that takes time and experimentation, even for the most practiced gardener. But happily, we can also depend on some classic combos that always come up trumps.
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