In the Garden - Indoor plants

Bringing nature indoors
Along with the retro revival of all things mid-century, houseplants are making a big comeback in fashionable living spaces worldwide. This all bodes well for happy, healthy homes
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Cool weather classics
If you want something that lasts longer than a bunch of cut flowers, you can't beat a beautiful flowering cyclamen for the cooler months of the year.
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Life inside - success with houseplants
Connecting with nature doesn't just happen outside. More and more of us are discovering and rediscovering the simple joy of co-habiting with plants.
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Nurturing nature
Bringing a gorgeous green baby home from the garden centre comes with certain trepidation. Initially the right amount of light, food and water will maintain that youthful vibrance. But sooner or later all container plants need repotting.
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Living gifts
Ten ideas for a greener Christmas
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