In the Garden - Lawn Care

Steps to a beautiful lawn
As cool green carpet to walk bare-foot in summer or a safe play space for kids and pets, there is nothing quite like a lawn to entice us out into the fresh air and connect with nature.
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A lawn to love
A long hot summer leaves most lawns looking worse for wear. It's time for some renovation that will soon have lawns looking loved again.
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Go for green - autumn lawn tips
A smooth, rich green lawn can lift the look of the entire garden and is a surefire way to increase the value of your property but after a long hot summer many lawns are far from green.
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Green space
Create a backyard that's both family friendly and eco-friendly.
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Love your lawn this autumn
A lovely lawn gives a feeling of peace and comfort. Autumn is a great time to give your lawn the love it deserves, and the very best time to create a lovely new lawn.
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Top tasks for autumn
Autumn is planting time for almost everything you could want to plant, but it is the very best time to sow new lawns and to plant trees, and the only time to plant spring flowering bulbs.
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