Street trees - why we need more!

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Why should you care about whether there are trees on your street, or on the streets nearby? Well, besides the obvious - that they make a street look more attractive - street trees are proven to provide numerous benefits to residents in terms of property values, traffic calming, pedestrian friendliness, and crime reduction.

Research by Horticulture Australia has revealed many more benefits of streets trees and the natural canopy cover they can provide…

Trees and plants make a good city great! Trees cool our streets and urban areas by providing protection from icy winds in summer and intense heat from sun in summer. Trees improve the air we breathe making us healthier.

Street trees improve business! People walk slower through areas with street trees, increasing the likelihood of impulse purchases. On the flipside people in offices with views of trees and green spaces are more productive than those that don’t. Trees have even been proven to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Street trees increases the desirability of the area, make people feel safer and therefore increase property values. Then can even boost the economy. Furthermore tree cover also minimises the effects of extreme weather and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Street trees slow cars down! Research shows cars drive more slowly on streets with trees. Trees have a calming effect, and drivers are at least subconsciously aware that where there are trees, there are often pedestrians and children playing. The trees also cut down/muffle traffic noise.

Whether you are in the public or private sector, town planning, community engagement, healthcare or government there is a role for you to play in increasing the amount of green space in our urban areas.

You can help in the following ways … Plant more trees on your property. You’ll be surprised how many plant nurseries and garden centres have ‘advanced’ (big) trees. And of course lobby council for more streets trees and green spaces.


First published in Weekend Gardener issue 395. Written by NGINZ. Reproduced with permission of Weekend Gardener.



Street Trees - Why we need more!