Kids Go Gardening - painting pots

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Paint it, Pimp it, Plant it!  

It is a great time to plant flowers, herbs and veges in pots. Decorating your pot into a work of art will brighten up your garden – so go potty!

What you’ll need:

Terracotta pots – they come in all shapes and sizes from any garden centre and are quite cheap.
Pencils, acrylic paints, decorations
An apron
Potting mix

How to do it:

  • First, wash your pot so it’s clean and leave it to dry completely.
  • Cover your work surface with newspaper.
  • Paint your pot all over first and let it dry.  Max used some old test pots that were stored in the garage.
  • Then get creative!

Some ideas:

  • Paint stripes, dots, lines, shapes.
  • Make a funny face on your pot with silly eyes and big teeth.
  • Outline in pencil any pattern or picture you like.  Max drew a flower then traced it with his glitter glue.
  • Glue anything on – pebbles, feathers, coloured sticks, insects – anything you like!

Bring out the designer in you!

Finally, after your pots have been decorated and are dry, fill them with potting mix and start planting. Max decided to plant some lettuces and basil, but you might like to try flowers or spring bulbs.

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Max with his painted & planted pots

Painting the pot with a cut out to create different coloured markings

Glueing on coloured lolly sticks

Using glitter glue to trace over a flower pencilled on the pot