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How heavy is the biggest pumpkin? This summer you could have a go at growing your own giant pumpkin.  Maybe you could organise a contest between you and your siblings or your classmates? All you need is a patch of sunny ground and some seed. November is the time to get started. Ready set go!

The biggest pumpkin

Pumpkins come in loads of different colours shapes, and sizes. Giant pumpkins are a special variety that are not great for eating but they sure are fun to grow!

How to grow a giant pumpkin

  1. Choose a warm, sunny spot with shelter from the wind. Pumpkin vines need plenty of space.
  2. Mix a bucket load of compost into the soil plus a spoonful of slow-release fertiliser per plant.
  3. Gently remove the little plant from its pot, being careful not to disturb the roots too much, and plant it.
  4. Water to keep the soil moist. Once the fruit appears, water less often but soak thoroughly so that the water goes deep into the soil.
  5. Basically, giant pumpkins grow in the same way as any other pumpkin, but if you want to grow the biggest here’s the trick: You must choose one pumpkin and cut off the others. The pumpkin that gets the whole plant to itself gets all the energy that the plant makes in its leaves. So it grows like crazy!

Pumpkin tips

  1. Feed it lots. Try liquid fish and seaweed fertilisers as your pumpkin grows.
  2. Lay some newspaper around your plant and then add a layer of straw. This will protect your pumpkins from being spoiled by damp soil.
  3. Pumpkins need plenty of sun to grow but for super bright colour, give it a little shade from the hottest afternoon sun.

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giant pumpkin
Giant pumpkin