Old favourite in miniature

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Chinese lanterns or Abutilons are charming and hardy shrubs offering a profusion of ‘bell shaped’ flowers for an extended period throughout the summer. Great in dry conditions and hardy to a range of climates, they are excellent garden plants but if you lack the space for what have traditionally been quite large rangy shrubs you can find yourself reaching for the pruning shears a little too often for the busy gardener’s tastes!

Recently Nuflora bred a fabulous new range of compact abutilons designed to offer even better flower profusion, but on a much tighter and smaller shrub that will behave itself in your garden and not require pruning or trimming. The ‘Lucky Lantern’ Abutilons are compact, rounded bushy shrubs excellent for pots or garden beds. Though small in stature, their flowers remain large.

Choose red, yellow, orange or white. Planting in groups of three of the same colour can look really lovely as a landscaping idea combined with a complimenting low ground cover , or use them as matching pairs in pots at an entrance.

Grows up to 1m tall
Likes full sun
Flowers summer and autumn


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Abutilon Lucky Lantern Orange

Abutilon Lucky Lantern Red

Abutilon Lucky Lantern Yellow

Abutilon Lucky Lantern White